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Nissan X-TRAIL 2009
49 Euro/day Online booking form, reserve your car now
Dacia Duster 2010
45 Euro/day Long term car rental and fleet management
Skoda Octavia
39 Euro/day Low cost car rental with auto insurance plan
Forf Fiesta
35 Euro/day All inclusive rates with VAT, taxes, road assistance and driver
Citroen C4
29 Euro/day Airport desk, free airport parking and shuttle service

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Alfa Romeo2010

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Customer Support - Where to buy a second hand car.

- If all goes well, a car brought from the West has two major advantages: lower prices by 10-20%, even taking into account the registration fee, and that was not curled over the battered streets
- Second place is a little secret: the internet car forums oriented brand you want to buy it. There are hundreds of people who feel like a big family, and therefore prices are lower selling ads, the history of those cars is easily seen by examining what the forum's owner over time, when no thinking to sell the car, and negotiate more easily arise.
- Third place machines are fairs, where you have to pay attention to some things, as detailed below.
- Fourth place is even neighboring streets, where you can sometimes find better deals and advantage that you do business with your neighbor. More difficult to face themselves.

What to be careful when buying a used car

- Car Service have the book in all history that says it nicely. Attention to authenticity, though!
- The car owner be willing to be examined in a service - often no such thing even at the fair. To be willing to test the car on the road.
- Pedals and driver seat was not reported to show signs of excessive wear to the mileage displayed on the dashboard, gearbox lever not show games
- To test the particular brand and model areas that have known problems: the passages in the wings, bumpers, steering column, etc.. Documents before you need to know what to expect and what to watch, because each model has its specific diseases.
- Negotiate the price up to 30% down, because that is the margin and a novel when he usually takes his car at the fair. If you have the cash, the better. At least a 10% all you get.
- To avoid samsarii, they are shaped piece of specialized brought hundreds of thousands of kilometers on board. Their profit is your loss.
- Do not look only at the purchase price, because for a car older than three years will almost certainly pay about 30% of its value by investing in small repairs, spare parts and the like.

Tricks: How to raise the resale value of a new car

- Buying a model with more features, even if the older generation - you have fewer problems than a model just came up and get big discounts.
- Have a service book and make your revisions on time, every 10-15000 miles out of warranty even after - because of traffic conditions in Romania wears a faster car than in the West.
- To orient you searched for models to market - unfortunately the nemtesti remain in consciousness novel that is best, although they also have enough problems, not small.
- Do not do your tuning or customization of the car who actually halving the value.
- Was a regular wash and an impeccable present for sale - 10% of the price often comes only because of the rims and wheels that sparkle of clean, paint and upholstery cleaning in perfect condition.

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Tools and Tips for Car Rental

If you want to travel abroad you will need from car rental Bucharest Romania supplementary insurance cover for driver and car with all inclusive. Casco and RCA auto insurance, free second driver, unlimited kilometer, new cars in our fleet, baby, seat and GPS.


Renting a car in Airport

Make your car rental reservation in advance for best conditions and rates at car hire in Bucharest Airport with free pick-up and drop-off. Cars can be rented in any location from Romania, Bucharest City, Otopeni Airport (Henri Coanda) and Baneasa Airport (Aurel Vlaicu).


Low cost car rental in Bucharest

If you want to have cheapest rates please make an early booking and you will receive a coupon code from Bucharest rent a car. Please select your rental period, your preferred car a the pick-up/drop-off location located in Romania. Our online booking form is secure.


Welcome in Bucharest Otopeni Airport

We offer car rental services in Bucharest Otopeni Airport. Our airport desk is open 24/24h and the cars are available for rent in the airport parking. car rental in Bucharest Otopeni Airport with fast pick-up and drop-off service with online booking form.

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